BGR-34 proves a boon for diabetics

11 Jun 2017

BGR-34, jointly developed by CSIR-NBRI and CSIR-CIMAP is a blood glucose regulator for those suffering from diabetes. CSIR, under the Ministry of Science and Technology, has called it a revolution and breakthrough of the decade.
BGR-34, an ayurvedic anti-diabetic medicine, is known to contribute to the maintainence of normal blood glucose metabolism, restore quality of life and reduce the chances of long term complications. Components of daruharidra, vijaysar, giloy, majeeth, methika and gudmar, benefits of BGR-34 are scientifically proven with optimised construction. Enriched with vital phytoconstituents and extracts, this herbal medicine for diabetes reduces glucose homeostatis, reduces level of glycosylated Hb, exerts anti-oxidant action and is a potential DPP-4 inhibitor. Clinical trials of the medicine conducted have found it to be effective for type 2 diabetes mellitus thus scientifically validating the product. BGR-34 together with diet chart has found resonance with actual users as well as doctors.
The products which was launched by the then Vice President of India, Hamid Ansari at Vigyan Bhavan has been told to be ‘a promising, safe, non toxic drug regimen to help effectively maintain normal blood glucose levels and reduce the chances of long term complications due to persistent high blood glucose level. It has been highly commendable on the part of scientists at CSIR-NBRI and CIR-CIMAP to have in-depth research studies to evolve scientifically the most desirable formulation that has been validated experimentally to address the disorder with a difference and that too in completely patient friendly manner’, by then Dr. C S Nautiyal, Director, CSIR-NBRI.
Further, Sripad Naik, Union Minister of State, Ministry of AYUSH while answering to a question on the efficacy of BGR-34 in Rajya Sabha, shared that the medicine had been launched in the market after undergoing all the required scientific tests. He further added that the drug has been successful in improving the blood glucose levels of the diabetic patients and is available on all major chemist counters across the country.
BGR-34 is currently being manufactured and marketed by AIMIL Pharmaceuticals by virtue of the research technology knowhow transfer granted to them. (EOIC)