CCH opens information hub in Kolkata

Report by: 
Shreyasi Das
29 May 2018

Cytecare Cancer Hospital (CCH), Bengaluru announced the opening of their information hub at Lindsay Road in Kolkata on the occasion of World Tobacco Day. The event was headed by Madhur Gopal, marketing head, Cytecare Cancer Hospital along with Dr Vikram Kekatpure, senior consultant, head and neck surgery, in the presence of a Kolkata based patient Manish Maheshwari.
Senior consultant Dr Vikram Kekatpure informed about the importance of immediate treatment of the life threatening disease. He highlighted the statistical detail about the tobacco consumption in India and how it is the leading world capital in oral cancer. He shared how significant it is to detect the early symptoms of red and white patches of oral cancer in its early stage that can reduce the cost of treatment and lower the chances of death. When asked about the expense related to such high end facilities provided by the hospital the doctor specified the association of various foundations which provide certain degree of monetary assistance to patients and also mentioned the availability of fixed budget plans.
Maheshwari visited Cytecare Cancer Hospital, Bengaluru for his treatment due to the lack of facilities back in his home town. He got treated within seven days of his appointment in an empathetic and compassionate atmosphere. He said “I am fortunate enough to get these facilities that Cytecare provided and would encourage more facilities like those in our city”. With the opening of the information centre in Kolkata Cytecare would surely provide “the right way “ to fight cancer, as their moto says, to the citizens of the city of joy with its personalised cancer care and advanced diagnostic therapeutic modalities.