Centre-state relation should be based on mutual understanding, respect, says Mamata

14 Mar 2017

The belligerence was missing. The vitriol has vanished. What replaced them was a message for reconciliation and rapprochement. That can be easily attributed to the last part of chief minister Mamata Banerjee's speech today at a programme to felicitate farmers from the state for their contribution in agriculture, animal husbandry, horticulture, food processing and fisheries.

``Centre-state relation should be based on mutual understanding through the democratic decorum of respecting each other."In a democratic nation showing mutual respect is an important matter. One political party will come to power today and lose tomorrow but the norm must be maintained. We want everything to operate smoothly... We also want that the Centre-state relation to progress through mutual understanding. But the democratic decorum should be maintained. One political party will win, another will lose but that is not the last word. The last word is the people of India. We must not forget that. This custom (parampara) is our civilisation, our culture," Mamata said. But the chief minister made it clear she would not stand the bullying of the centre if they wanted to do it following the major win. ``You cannot bulldoze us. If you do that we will not tolerate it. Bengal never tolerated any terror tactics,'' Mamata said. This is the first major reaction of the chief minister after the results of Uttar Pradesh assembly elections that saw a landslide win for BJP.

Following the note ban Mamata became the fiercest critic of the BJP and whenever she spoke against the party she poured venom on them saying they were always trying to create communal tension in the state.
In fact with a view to assessing ground realities and weighing the options available for the party following the saffron sweep, Mamata has convened a meeting of the core committee of the party on March 29 at her residence at Kalighat.
While saying she was not against the implementation of Aadhaar card, Mamata questioned the practice of making it mandatory for 23 crucial departments when the process was not completed. "I've a few questions and queries on Aadhaar card. It's been made mandatory for Anganwadi centres, to get mid-day meals and for Kishan credit cards but why is it made so when the process is not yet completed? We have never said that we will not do (implement) it," she said.
She also said that it was the responsibility of the Centre to complete the enrolling process for Aadhaar card before making it mandatory and they had failed in it.
"It was your (Centre's) responsibility to complete the process (Aadhaar enrolment) but you have failed it it," she said adding that by implementing it suddenly no one has the right to deprive the poor of the country of their rights.
Earlier in her speech referring to the bill aimed at reining in private hospitals Mamata explained that her government never wanted them to shut down, but reminded them that they were not profit-making ventures.
"We never said private hospitals and nursing homes should shut down here. We never wanted treatment there to stop. But we must not forget about people. We must guard against turning medical facilities into profit-making organisations. Medical facilities are places to provide seva not make money," Banerjee said.
"If one dreams of making profit by pushing injections like one selling Chinese food, then one is wrong," she said.
Urging private hospitals not to charge patients exorbitantly, Mamata explained that she was not against those who were able to pay hefty amounts for their treatment. "Take from them who are capable of paying such bills if the treatment is genuine. We have never said anything. But remember don't go for over billing and negligence in treating them," she said.
Meanwhile paying tributes to the martyrs of the anti -land acquisition movement in Nandigram Mamata said her government was committed to protecting the rights of the farmers. "We are remembering the martyrs of Nandigram on the 10th anniversary of the shameful event. We are committed to protect our farmers," Mamata said in her speech earlier. (EOIC)