CESC ready for Durga Puja

20 Sep 2017

With Shasthi Puja scheduled on Tuesday, September 26, 2017, CESC is ready to help citizens celebrate the city’s brightest-ever Puja.  Up to Wednesday morning (September 20) more than 4000 applications for special connection to Puja pandals have already been received and some more are expected within the next two days, the last day of application having been extended up to Friday, September 22.
Sources close to CESC said in Kolkata today that about 6000 employees will be on duty to ensure adequate generation and distribution.  The accent is on uninterrupted power supply and electrical safety, both at homes and Puja pandals, closer coordination with all agencies, including the Police, Fire Brigade, Municipal Corporations and of course, the highly enthusiastic, creative and committed Puja organisers across the CESC system on both sides of Bhagirathi.
Last year there were 4055 Puja pandals attracting a record number of visitors from all over the world and this year the trend is expected to continue, giving our city another opportunity to present the biggest and brightest exhibition of outdoor sculpting in the country.
Giving further details, CESC sources said that the number of special Puja connections is expected to be higher than the last year. (EOIC)