Chairman, Railway Board visits ER museum

3 Mar 2018

Ashwani Lohani, chairman, Railway Board visited the Regional Rail Museum, Howrah on Saturday and inspected the various exhibits displayed there in presence of Harindra Rao, general manager, Eastern Railway (ER).
Ashwani Lohani, chairman, Railway Board said that Regional Rail Museum, Howrah is one of the prides of Eastern India. The Museum displays the history of Eastern Railway, Howrah station and railways in Eastern India. It also puts up the pictorial history of East Indian Railway, Eastern Railway, East Central Railway, East Coast Railway, South Eastern Railway, Northeast Frontier Railway, Chittaranjan Locomotive Works and Metro Railway, Kolkata. He further said that, old steam locos, carriages, saloon cars are preserved to evaluate the gradual evolution that led to progress in different fields. Century old drawings, forms, documents, fascinating collection of philately are also depicting rich heritage of Railway system.
Lohani expressed satisfaction over Eastern Railway for maintaining and preserving the railway heritage items in the Rail Museum and urges upon the students and general public to visit the museum to enrich their knowledge over the evolution of railways in Eastern India. Attempts should be made to incorporate more materials for further beautifying the Regional Rail Museum, chairman, Railway Board advised.  Harindra Rao, general manager, Eastern Railway said that Regional Rail Museum is a place which provides authentic source material to scholars, working with the history of Railways. (EOIC)