Chit fund bosses kept under close surveillance in jails

31 Mar 2017

The state correctional department has put owners of various chit fund companies, including Saradha Group chairman Sudipto Sen and Rose Valley head Gautam Kundu under close surveillance inside the jail.
State correctional minister Abani Mohan Joarder said that they have been put under close surveillance and "the step has nothing to do with the CBI investigation." "They used to take advantage inside the jail premises such as using mineral water, food from outside. We have ensured that these things are not repeated. They will have to remain like any other prisoner and will not be given any extra privilege," Joardar told news agency PTI. The jail officials have been asked to keep a close tab on every person who comes to meet the bosses of these chit fund companies and their daily routine, Jail sources said.
"We have been told to ensure that they don't mingle with the other prisoners. Whether they are passing any information or not should also be kept under tab. A sentry has been placed outside the cells of the chit fund owners. CCTVs cameras have also been installed outside their cells," a jail official said. Jail doctors regularly monitor the health and diet of the chit fund owners.
The special surveillance arrangements comes in the backdrop of the concerns of various political parties, including BJP and Left Front over the safety and security of Sen and Kundu following their arrests in the chit fund scam. (PTI)