Conclave on computational thinking for students held

13 Aug 2017

Smartclass Educational Services Private Ltd., an education technology start-up held its first edition of Smart Learning Schools Conclave at Kolkata.
Smart Learning Schools Conclave is an initiative by Smartclass Educational to discuss key challenges and latest trends in the education space. The Conclave seeks to help schools identify, discuss and solve key issues facing them in imparting high quality education to prepare children for a new generation of skills. The School Conclave involves educationists, principals and school management from various city schools to discuss and find innovative solutions for the same. Over 50 principals of leading schools in Kolkata attended the School Conclave whose theme was New Computational Thinking.
On the occasion, the school community of Kolkata got a chance to witness Smartclass Educational’s latest offering – the CTI Lab. The 21st Century CTI Labs is a unique initiative by Smartclass Educational to enhance existing learning levels among students, making them future ready through a proprietary technology designed to teach children through the building blocks of computation.
Computational thinking provides school students with mental skills they can use to solve an array of problems that range from seeing situations in their entirety or as inter-connected parts or by breaking problems into smaller parts in order to solve them. Computational thinking also helps children to analyse and structure information better and understand how the technology and machines around them work. The aim of developing computational thinking among students is to arm them with the skills to design and program technology to solve challenges.
CTI Lab facilitates computational thinking, an important 21st century skill that children need to start developing as soon as they begin school. By starting young, children will be better prepared to thrive in a technology-filled world which is moving at a fast pace. Instead of only being passive technology users, they can become active inventors and innovators.
The CTI lab curriculum is based on Computational Thinking skills mapped to NCERT framework for Computer Literacy. This framework also includes Learner-centric activities for one Lab period as micro-learning nuggets that include 4-5 lab sessions per grade like Computer Science (Grade1-8), Robotics (Level 1-4) and Creating stories using creator (grade 2-4).
Speaking on the sidelines of the Smart Learning Conclave held in the city today, Chandrajit Mitra – Vice President, Smart Class education services Pvt. Ltd said, “The aim of the Smart Learning Schools Conclave is to schools and students with the latest creative modules and technologies for the future. The Smartclass CTI Lab is a concept-driven approach that strengthens a student’s analytical skills, problem-solving abilities and enables creative thinking that helps them pursue excellence in different fields. We are happy to introduce schools in Kolkata to this future-ready educational tool and expect an exponential growth in its applications across schools in the region.” (EOIC)