Dada gives thumbs up to red card in cricket

14 Dec 2016

Former Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly today welcomed International Cricket Council's recent announcement of showing Red Card to cricketer in case of extreme behaviour.

"It is a good decision. It was needed. Many undesirable actions take place on the cricket field. Since cricket does not have the prohibition for substitution like football, a red card will come as a big blow to the team that faces the penalty. If a team is forced to play a match with 10 men, they will automatically check their conduct", Sourav, who has faced severe sledging in his career, told The Echo of India.

Asked to comment on scuffle that took place at the end of Atletico De Kolkata's second leg semi-final match against Mumbai on Tuesday, Sourav, the co-owner of the team said scuffle in football matches is not new and something that should be discussed much. He said he is delighted with ATK's performance and assured that he will be at Cochin this Sunday to watch his team play the final. (EOIC)