ER RPF performance

11 Jan 2019

ER RPF has done commendable performance by rescuing a minor girl, returning left behind valuables to the passengers and apprehending a tout by a raid in a travel agency recently.
ER RPF rescued a minor girl from railway station premises in Asansol Division. The rescued minor girl was handed over to Child Line/Deoghar on proper documentation.
ER RPF retrieved left behind bags worth of Rs.66,000/- from different trains in Howrah & Asansol Divisions. The retrieved bags were handed over to its owner after proper verification and documentation.
Acting on tip off, ER RPF  arrested a tout by conducting raid in a travel agency and recovered live e-tickets & Railway Reservation-Cum-Journey ticket worth of Rs.63,026/- and old and used e-tickets worth Rs. 1,67,848/- in Howrah Division. (EOIC)