ER to run special trains for Ganga Sagar Mela

6 Jan 2014

To ensure convenience for pilgrims during Ganga Sagar Mela, Eastern Railway will run seven Galloping EMU Mela Special trains in Sealdah-Lakshmikantapur-Namkhana section from 12 to 16 January, 2014 in addition to the schedule train services.

Among these Galloping EMU Mela Specials , three Down Specials will be run from Sealdah to Namkhana leaving Sealdah at 6:15 am, 2:40 pm and 10.40 pm. two Up Specials will be run from Namkhana to Sealdah leaving Namkhana at 9:10 am and  6.35 pm, one Up Special to Sealdah from Lakshmikantapur at 11.22 hrs and one Up Special to Lakshmikantapur from Namkhana at 2:05 am.

Besides, two pairs of Sunday exempted local trains of Sealdah-Lakshmikantapur-Namkhana section will be run as regular service on January 12 and one pair of Namkhana-Lakshmikantapur-Majerhat local will be extended to Sealdah (South) on 14.1.2014. (EOIC)