ER’s EMU special trains for Jagadhatri Puja

27 Oct 2017

To cater to the rush of passengers during Jagadhatri Puja at Chandannagar , Eastern Railway will run four pairs of EMU Special trains  ( three pairs between Howrah & Bandel and one pair between Howrah & Barddhaman) in the nights of 27/28 (Saptami/Astami), 28/29 (Astami/Navami), 29/30 (Navami/Dashami) & 30/3 (Dashami/Immersion Day), October, 2017. Besides, one additional pair of EMU Special train will be run between Howrah & Bandel on 31.10.17 (Immersion Day). These trains will stop at all stations enroute.
The UP Howrah-Bandel EMU Specials will leave Howrah at 17:55 hrs., 23:30 hrs & 00:30 hrs. , while Down Bandel-Howrah Specials will leave Bandel at 16:30 hrs., 01:00 hrs. & 02:00 hrs.. The Up Howrah-Barddhaman Special will leave Howrah at 01:15 hrs. and the Down Barddhaman-Howrah Special will leave Barddhaman at 22:30 hrs. on those nights.
The additional pair of EMU Special between Howrah & Bandel will start from Howrah & Bandel at 02:35 hrs. & 04:00 hrs. respectively on 31.10.2017.
Besides, 36087 Up Howrah-Mashagram local may be extended upto Barddhaman on 27, 28, 29 & 30 October, 2017 and will return from there to Howrah via-Bandel as Special Train. Accordingly the journey of 36088 Down Mashagram local will remain cancelled on those days.
Moreover, 53050 Dn Mokama-Howrah Passenger and 53002 Azimganj-Howrah Passenger will stop at all stations from Bandel to Howrah on 27/28,28/29,29/30 & 30/31 October, 2017. (EOIC)