ER to use more solar energy

28 Jun 2017

Ghanshyam Singh, Member Traction, Railway Board inspected and reviewed Howrah – Rampurhat section of Howrah Division at a high level meeting with officers of Eastern and South Eastern Railway at Eastern Railway’s Headquarters, Fairlie Place, on Tuesday.
Harindra Rao, General Manager, Eastern Railway, welcomed the Member Traction, Railway Board. Addressing the Principal Officers of Eastern and South Eastern Railway, Mr Singh said that asset failure should be taken care immediately. He said that Eastern Railway can improve punctuality by sensitizing the drivers to run the trains with maximum permissible speed as they do not run the trains at the proper speed now-a-days. Signalling system, points and locomotives should be checked by supervisor and officers on a regular basis to avoid any failure.
Mr Singh also advised for installation of more roof-top solar plants at all the station buildings, workshops, service buildings, office buildings etc. to minimize the electricity consumption. It will help Railways for improving operating ratio. He said that there are plans to install audio-visual instruments to record the activities at the driving cab. LED lighting should be provided in all station areas, office buildings so that energy conservation can be effective.
Mr Singh also urged upon the officers and staff to give importance on prevention than involving in the activities after the incidents as a safety measure. He also asked ER officials to give their best skills to improve the system.
Satish Kumar, Addl General Manager, Eastern Railway and Officers of Electrical and Signal & Telecom Departments, other principal officers of Eastern and South Eastern Railway were present on the occasion. (EOIC)