Exide launches ‘Epiq’ battery

4 Jan 2018

Exide Industries Ltd, lead acid storage battery maker launched a new range of automotive batteries in the Indian market branded Epiq. The battery comes with a 6-year warranty – the highest in the Indian market, showing the company’s confidence in its cutting edge technology.
“As the Indian automotive market matures and new generation cars become more demanding with a slew of electrical gadgets putting more load on the vehicle’s electrical system, the battery has to live up to the expectations of the modern auto enthusiast and keep pace with this changing trend. We sourced the best technology in the world to make a battery that will last for a long time in the Indian conditions. Epiq takes the automotive battery technology in the country to the next generation” said Gautam Chatterjee, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Exide Industries Ltd.
While the Epiq will be manufactured in Exide’s cutting edge factories across the country, it will be sold exclusively through its national network of 1500 premium Exide Care outlets.
“We put our unique knowledge of operating for seventy years in the Indian market to bring out the Epiq. It will soon set a benchmark in the Indian battery industry,” said Subir Chakraborty, Director Automotive, Exide Industries Ltd. (EOIC)