Four-year old girl physically assaulted in city school, two teachers arrested

1 Dec 2017

Barely one month after the macbre incident of campus murder of seven-year-old Pradyuman Thakur, a class II student of Ryan School of Gurugram, another case of severe child abuse came to the fore, this time in Kolkata, when a four-year-old nursery student of GD Birla Centre For Education at Ranikuti was sexually assaulted by two teachers of physical education inside the washroom of the school on Thursday afternoon. The two teachers, Abhisek Roy and Md Mofijuddin have been arrested while the girl has been admitted to SSKM Hospital.

According to Priyanka Tibrewala, the victim’s lawyer, on Thursday afternoon the two teachers lured the girl inside the toilet by providing her a chocolate bar. The accused allegedly abused her sexually. When the victim cried they left her in the washroom and went out from the school. Soon after she came back from school, the victim’s mother noticed she was bleeding profusely and when she was urinating she was crying . The victim’s mother immediately took her to the chamber of a pediatrician. “I got a phone call from the school that my daughter is sick, they said while urinating she was crying and I immediately went to the school to take her. She could not urinate as she was having pain. I thought that it might be due to a urinary tract infection (UTI) and I saw a doctor. When the doctor examined her he said that it was a case of assault and not UTI and he advised us to lodge a police complaint.” the victim's mother said. Meanwhile the teacher in charge of the school said: ``We will conduct a separate enquiry into the incident. Within December CCTV cameras will be installed. We need to first check what happened on that day.”

After the incident angry parents of the students gathered outside the campus, demanding arrest of the accused and beefing up of security inside the school premise. However the school authorities have decided to close the school for an indefinite period of time. The father of the victim said: “I am lucky that my child has come back alive. We demand severe punishment for the accused. Although my daughter is recovering with treatment, she is still traumatised.''
Partha Chatterjee, state education minister, said: “I have already sent members of my staff to inquire into the incident. Although it’s a private school, but state government will probe the incident and I will speak with the concerned school management authorities too. It’s a shame that such incident has happened in a private school in Kolkata. The accused will be punished.” (EOIC)