Get ingredients of Gota Siddha in special package at Spencer’s outlets

19 Jan 2018

Spencer’s, the retail business wing of the RP Sanjiv Goenka Group has decided to focus on pujas and rituals of Bengal. To start with Spencer’s will be offering ingredients of ‘Gota Siddha’, which is being served in lunch the day after Saraswati Puja or Sri Panchami Day. Consuming Gota Siddha or boiled uncut vegetables on the occasion of Saraswati Puja is an age old tradition and now Spencer’s is offering a special package of the main ingredients of Gota Siddha at a cost or Rs 120. Each packet of Gota Siddha will include spinach with buds and flower (sish palang), white seem, sweet potato, small brinjal, small potato, green peas, French beans and dal and would serve a family of four to five members. The special package will be available at all the 25 outlets of Spencer’s in Kolkata from Saturday.
At a press meet organised at the CESC house, Kaushik Ganguly, head of operations, East, Spencer’s Retail, said: “Earlier we had organised a cake festival. So why not do something special for festivals of Bengalees. We have decided to start the trend of serving items that are associated with different rituals of Bengal and hence the decision of organizing Saraswati Ayojan was taken”. Ganguly said the retail chain has a plan to organise a Khichuri Festival, at some time later in the year. The official also said that all the ingredients that the Gota Siddha package is made of have been purchased directly from the farmers keeping in mind their monetary benefits. To ensure that the special packet reaches maximum number of customers, the Spencer’s will open its small stores by 7.30 am and the big stores at around 9.30 am. Peeople may also order the ‘Gota Siddha’ packet online by logging on to its website www.spencer’s in. Topa Kul and Narkeli Kul, two varieties of fruits that symbolize Saraswati Puja will also be available in half kilogram packets at the outlets, Ganguly added. (EOIC)