Golden jubilee state rally of ER’s scouts and guides held at Madhupur

30 Dec 2017

The Golden Jubilee State Rally and Camporee of Eastern Railway’s Scouts & Guide held at Madhupur. There were lots of programmes and performances like dance drama folk dance, band display, and exhibition etc. Harindra Rao, General Manager (GM), Eastern Railway (ER) lighted the grand camp fire at golden jubilee state rally of ER’s  Scouts and Guides at Madhupur on Friday evening in presence of Bimala Rao, president, Eastern Railway Women’s Welfare Organization ( ERWWO) and P. K. Mishra, divisional railway manager of Asansol .
Addressing on the occasion, GM of ER said that Scouting Activities makes its volunteers good and disciplined individuals which in turn helps Railways through input of quality manpower. Rao also highlighted the assistance provided to the pilgrims & passengers by the volunteers of Scouts & Guides   during various religious festivals, Melas & Puja rush and also the assistance provided to the common people by the scout members through rescue operation during natural calamities Rao also handed over prizes to outstanding Scouts & Guides volunteers of different districts. P K. Mishra, divisional railway manager of Asansol, also spoke on the occasion. Senior Officers of ER headquarters and divisional officers were also present. (EOIC)