Good gesture by SER motorman

11 Jan 2017

Senior motorman of South Eastern Railway (SER) Bhubaneswar Ganguly recovered a travel bag which fell from 18615 Up Howrah-Hatia Kriya Yoga Express while passing Tikiapara station.  The incident happened on January 10.  

Ganguly was at Tikiapara station at that moment, in charge of Howrah-Mecheda EMU local. While 18615 was passing, Ganguly noticed that a bag fell off from 18615 Kriya Yoga Express.  After getting signal, Ganguly started his train and stopped near the bag.  He recovered the same and informed the fact to Guard D K Samanta and appropriate railway authority.

RPF personnel were arranged at Mecheda for collecting the bag and handing over the same to the lawful owner. The bag contained cash amounting to Rs 63950, a      cell phone, wrist watch, Aadhaar, Voter and PAN Cards, Driving Licence, School Certificate, Train Ticket and some other items. The passenger was identified and communicated and all belongings were handed over to him who expressed gratitude to South Eastern Railway.