Hooliganism in the name of religion will not be tolerated: Mamata

11 May 2017

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee today used Buddha Jayanti celebrations to keep up her tirade against the BJP when she said her government would not tolerate any attempt to use religion to create social divide and make political gains.

``I do not care for anything, I only care for maa, maati and manush... I do not care for a government of dangabaj, (one which triggers riots), a government by dangabaj or  a government for dangabaj,'' Mamata said at a rally to celebrate Budda Jayanti held at Rani Rashmoni Road. She also said that she could not be silenced by "threat and intimidation" by the BJP. "The tactics of threat and intimidation cannot silence me. Other states like Bihar, Maharashtra, Gujrat, Odisha may be silent but Bengal will not stop its fight and protest, whatever be the situation. Only West Bengal can fight against this communal politics and intolerance and save the country," the chief minister said at the rally.

"I am in politics but it does not give me the right to dictate what others will eat or not. This is not the real religion. Religion does not teach us to do politics over it or kill people. Religion means faith, peace, love and brotherhood," Mamata said today. She also took a dig at cow vigilantes saying people were indulging in hooliganism in the name of religion. ``A farmer taking his cows along with him was attacked. They are people who indulge in hooliganism in the name of religion. They are not followers of any faith but are just goons,'' Mamata said.

Attacking the saffron party, the TMC supremo said: "They also called me “Hijra” (eunuch). I may be a very bad person, but I still have the right to lead a respectable life. People are questioning my personal details, my gender, my religion from the anonymity of fake accounts. I want justice,” Mamata said. (EOIC)