IIT Kharagpur to introduce Induction programme for New Students from July 2017

27 Jun 2017

IIT Kharagpur is going to introduce a nine-day induction programme for freshers who would be joining the Institute in July this year.
The programme will involve a session on learning about the departments, halls of residence, gymkhana – the students’ nerve centre and overall student life at the Institute. It will also include an interactive session with the students, where they can talk about their aspirations, career choices, academic choices etc.
“Students usually come with preconceived notions about the discipline which they have enrolled in and its scope. This causes some initial misconceptions regarding career opportunities available in those disciplines. They are also not aware of the flexibility available in IIT Kharagpur to learn other subjects of their choice even if it is not in their major discipline but in which they have talent and interest in", Prof P P Chakraborti, director of IIT Kharagpur said.
"We would like to interact with them, understand their preferences and may be able to guide them towards opting for flexible courses like minors, microspecializations or micro-credit in their preferred disciplines. This would not only give the students a satisfaction that they could pursue their choice but also hold their interest in the program in which they enrolled. They would also get a better idea of the broad based programme available at IIT Kharagpur that transcends disciplines and produces a true IITian” Prof Chakrabarti said.
IIT Kharagpur already has the system of flexible academics for students through discipline change and opportunity to acquire multidisciplinary knowledge during their course of study. Eventually these help students in their career path developing talent, aspirations and training. The programme will also serve as platform to introduce the new students to their classmates and hall mates to initiate the bonding right after they join the Institute. “First year is critical transitional time, when students feel the emotional void of being away from home, introduction to IIT academics and campus. Making new friends is the best alternative they would have which would become for them a home away from home” added Prof Chakrabarti.