IndianOil Eastern Region conducts “Building Trust” Program to disseminate the value of trust among its employees.

28 May 2018

2018 is being observed as the “Year of Trust” in IndianOil Corporation Limited. A two-day “Train the Trainers” program was arranged by IndianOil Eastern Region’s Learning & Development Department for training the coordinators of Nodal Training Centers of Eastern region. A compendium and CD on Building Trust was inaugurated by IndianOil’s Executive Director (Regional Service), Amit Kumar Basu, executive director (West Bengal State Office), Dipankar Ray and Sharmistha Banerjee, eminent Professor of Organization Behaviour- University of Calcutta a Two Times Full Bright Scholar. The compendium contains the support for the power point presentations on Trust, through an elaborately laid out structure of Theoretical and Applicability of the Concept of Trust for conceptual clarity on the subject for the trainers. Further, various Question &Answers, Activities and Case Studies has been included, adding value to the compendium. The compendium and CD has been developed by IndianOil’s Learning & Development Department (Eastern Region), with Prof. Banerjee keeping in view the Trust drive in IndianOil. Later IndianOil officials and Prof Banerjee elaborated the Trust Model developed, through a training session to Nodal Training Centre Coordinators of Eastern Region and regular trainers of ERO, so that the Model of Trust can be further disseminated to the employees at the various the various locations in Eastern Region. Adding value to the program key note address on the subject of Trust in IndianOil was given by Dipankar Ray, ED (WBSO) and Amit Kumar Basu, ED (RS), ER. They emphasized on the strong legacy of Trust in IndianOil, by sharing some live examples of their tryst with Trust in IndianOil in their long illustrative career. While ED (RS), ER spoken eloquently on the fathom of Trust IndianOil has build in the last five decades through embedded transparency in all aspects of work, ED (WBSO) focused on the issue of Trust through dependability on IndianOil, by both internal and external stakeholders, and the faith of the stakeholders in the deeply entrenched processes and systems in place in IndianOil. Earlier the program was inaugurated by A C Ghosh, CGM (HR), ER. Addressing the Nodal Training Coordinators, a homogenous mix of senior and the millennial officers he advised officers to be empathetic to each other concerns and bond on a professional and personal level, he further augured that empathy wins trust and respect of subordinates and not command! (EOIC)