IPCL consumer help desk goes live in Asansol

17 Mar 2017

India Power believes in empowerment - using the latest technology to ensure that they are always one step ahead in customer service. Their consumer help desk goes live for both LT and HT consumers in Asansol. Customer can call the Help Desk's toll Free number — 1800 1023 783 — to register concerns and grievances, such as No Power Complaints (NPC), meter related issues, commercial issues etc.
This Help Desk will be manned round the clock, seven days a week. Consumers may contact India Power team at their own convenience, and expect a prompt response. Complaints will be registered and given a resolution time frame according to regulation. An escalation matrix will prioritise iogged complaints as required. The call centre is mapped to the J K Nagar control room and the SPS & DPS team. The Help Desk will also offer SMS and email alerts to the consumer as well as the control room and respective unit upon registration and escalation.
Moving forward, India Power hopes to continue providing the highest quality power supply to their consumers.India Power Corporation Limited ("India Power"), formerly known as DPSC Limited, was incorporated in 1919 and carries a 97 year-long legacy in efficient power distribution and sustainable power generation. The ISO 9001:2015 certified company has actively forayed into a diversified portfolio, with renewable and conventional modes of power generation, distribution and power trading. In the conventional sector, IPCL is about to commission a 450 MW thermal power plant in Haldia shortly. IPCL holds a distribution license across an area of 618 square kilometres in the Asansol - Raniganj coal belt of West Bengal.
India Power has recently taken control of the 1,000 MW thermal power plant belonging to Meenakshi Energy Private Limited ("Meenakshi"). The company has also entered into an agreement with Germany-based Uniperto set up a 50:50 service company joint venture (JV), India Uniper Power Services. (EOIC)