6 Apr 2017

For the first time in recent years, passenger transportation and passenger earnings have been significantly increased in Indian Railways during 2016-17.
Passenger travelled: As many as 8221 million passengers travelled during 2016-17 in Indian Railways system as against 8151 million passengers in 2015-16. It implies that Indian Railways transported 70 million more passengers than that of the last year, signifying an increase of 0.89% over the last year (2015-16).
Passenger earnings: Passenger earnings of Indian Railways were estimated at 2000 crores more than that of last year. The total earnings were estimated to be around Rs.47, 400 crores. This is the highest ever passenger earnings of Indian Railways.
Ticket checking performance in Indian Railways: Indian Railways succeeded in detecting 9.75 lakhs more cases of without ticket or improper ticket holding passengers which is 6% higher over last year.
Ticket checking earning: Indian Railways succeded in earning 58 crores more from vigorous ticket checking drives than that of last year. Total earning from ticket checking is estimated to be Rs.950 crores which is the highest ever.
ER’s growth in passenger sector: Eastern Railway is known as a passenger friendly Railway for its various passenger amenities. During 2016-17, Eastern Railway was succeeded in carrying 118.34 crores of passengers resulting in an increase of 1.28% than that of last year.
During 2016-17, Eastern Railway was succeeded in earning Rs.2572.89 crores which resulted to an increase of 4.72% of growth than that of the last year. (EOIC)