Kharagpur: Regulation of train services

16 Nov 2017

In order to commission the New Electronic Interlocking System which will be biggest electronic Solid State Signaling Interlocking System in Asia Continental in Kharagpur Yard replacing the existing facilities, a major re-modeling work spanning over 16 days from 4th to 19th November, 2017 is undertaken.
During the Non Interlocking and Pre Non Interlocking Period, it is essential to have Traffic Blocks in and around Kharagpur Station during the entire period. In order to manage the traffic smoothly, the run of passenger carrying trains will have to be regulated during this period. This would lead to some amount of disruption in traffic which would be of minor nature in some days and of major nature on other days. The maximum work would be undertaken on 17th, 18th and 19th November, 2017 leading to Cancellation, Short Termination, Regulation, Diversion etc. of Mail/Express, Passenger, EMU and MEMU Trains.
Major Disruption on the last 3 days of commissioning:
*On 17/11/2017 – Cancellation of 23 Mail/Express Trains (12 Up and 11 Dn), 3 Special Trains, 12 Passenger Trains (6 Up and 6 Dn), 24 MEMU (12 Up and 12 Dn), 27 EMU Services.
Short Termination of 5 Passenger Trains, 4 MEMU, 12 pairs Kharagpur and Midnapur bound EMUs and Short Origination of 4 Passenger Trains, 11 EMU services. Apart from the above 10 Mail/Express Trains will be diverted via Hijli-Nimpura through yard.
The short termination/short origination of 11 pairs of Howrah-Midnapur EMUs will be from Balichak and 1 pair from Kharagpur.
*On 18/11/2017 – Cancellation of 22 Mail/Express (12 Up and 10 Dn), 4 Special Trains, 12 Passenger Trains (6 Up and 6 Dn), 17 MEMU (9 Up and 8 Dn) and  27 EMU services (13 Up and 14 Dn).
* On 19/11/2017 – Cancellation of 43 Mail/Express Trains (22 Up and 21 Dn), 12 Passenger Trains (6 Up and 6 Dn), 13 MEMU (7 Up and 6 Dn), 1 Special Train and 40 EMU services (20 Up and 20 Dn).
*8 pairs of Howrah-Midnapur EMUs will be short terminated/short originated from Balichak on 19/11/2017.
On this day (19/11/2017), there will be no movement of any train across Kharagpur for 12 hours from 8 am to 8 pm when the switch over from the existing Interlocking System to the New Electronic Interlocking System will be done along with all the testing and safety drills.
However, all EMU services between Howrah-Haldia, Panskura-Haldia, Tamluk-Digha, Howrah-Panskura, Howrah-Mecheda, Howrah-Bagnan, Howrah-Uluberia, Howrah-Amta, Santragachi-Shalimar etc. will run as usual on 17th, 18th and 19th November, 2017. (EOIC)