Lotus will be in full bloom in Bengal in 2019: Shah, says Mamata is suffering from BJP phobia

Mamata hits back saying Bengal will resist all Saffron offensive
Report by: 
Sabyasachi Bandopadhyay
26 Apr 2017

The on-going spat between the BJP and Trinamool Congress went on unabated  for the second today  as the  BJP president Amit Shah –whio is on a three-day state visit  was at Mamata’s turf  at Bhawanipore today  challenged chief minister at her assembly constituency  saying it would be in Lok Sabha elections of 2019 that the BJP would get maximum number of seats from West Bengal. While Mamata who was at Coochbehar today hit back saying the BJP would not be able to make any inroad in the political turf of Bengal. And in kolkata TMC secretary general Partha Chatterjee also said" `` It would not even be in 3019 that the BJP would get that number of seats here.''
Shah said at a Press meet at Kolkata Press Club, ``Mamataji is suffering from a BJP phobia. All her attacks are aimed at BJP and not the Left or the Congress. But we can say Modiji's chariot will come to Bengal in 2019 and lotus will be in full bloom here,'' Shah said at the media meet.
Today Shah went to Bhawanipur and visited the houses of a few local people. He had lunch at one of the houses before he met a group of intellectuals at Mahajati Sadan.
While accusing the Mamata Banerjee government of indulging in appeasement of minorities and blatant vote bank politics instead of taking up measures for amelioration of the condition of the people, Shah said the situation would change after a BJP government came to power in West Bengal.
``I cannot imagine that people had to go to High Court for permission for the immersion of the Durga idol. Even Saraswati Puja is being stopped by the state administration. The appeasement of minorities is a great blow to our tradition and culture. The AITC will have to answer for all this,'' Shah said.
Refuting the charges leveled by the TMC leadership of the Centre’s alleged denial of the state’s dues to the Union government, Shah gave an account of the schemes that the Central government took up for the state’s development and also gave figures that the Centre spent for West Bengal’s various programmes for alleviation of poverty and unemployment. ``The allocations of the 13th Finance Commission for West Bengal was Rs 1.53 crore but after Modiji came to power the allocation of 14th Finance Commission for the state went up to Rs 2.79 lakh crore. The state government has failed to take the results of the central schemes to the grassroots level,'' Shah said.
He also challenged the state government to prove him wrong if he gave any incorrect figures.
At the media meet at the Kolkata Press Club while asking the people to cast vote in favour of BJP in the next elections,  Shah said only his party would be able to pull the state out of the morass of underdevelopment and backwardness.” Look at the condition the TMC has brought the state under. While the state’s outstanding loan to the Centre and other financial institutions stood at Rs 1.92 lakh crore after the end of Left rule, it has now, soared up to Rs 3.5 lakh crore under the TMC  rule. While the share of West Bengal in deposits in our nationalised banks was 18 per cent earlier, during CPI(M) rule it came down to 12.8 per cent and now  under TMC regime it has further come down to 6.3 per cent. While per capita consumption of power all over the country is 957 unit,  in West Bengal it is 609 unit. Eery fifth person in West Bengal is under BPL, so all these depict a very pathetic picture of Bengal’s economy. You trust BJP and the party will be able to turn the tables,'' Shah said
He also slammed the state government for getting involved in scams like Sarada and Narada and said that AITC will have to answer to the people for the corrupt practices that they have undertaken.
“ That the AITC leaders took money is not a cock and bull story . There were video footages which showed that the leaders are taking money. Can you show any of our leaders who took money in this way? I am challenging everybody in this regard,'' Shah said
Partha Chatterjee hit back saying why the party had not taken any action against those who were named by court for their involvement in Babri Mosque demolition. ``Let them take action against those who took part in the demolition,'' Chatterjee said.
At the media meet regarding the excesses being indulged by cow vigilantes at different places in the country, Shah said that If anybody was  found flouting laws he would  be severely dealt with. `` Already cases have been registered against such people and people have been arrested. No body should take law in their own hands,'' the BJP president said.
Regarding a ban on cow slaughter in Bengal if a BJP government came to power here, Shah chose to leave it with that Government. “ It (ban) is there in the Preamble of the Constitution. If a BJP government comes to power in Bengal, they will take a call on this,”  Shah said.
Meanwhile the  CPI(M) today accused the BJP and the Trinamool Congress of ganging up together to politically eliminate the Left Front.
"In the 50th year of Naxalbari movement, the Left is still relevant in that region, in movement of tea workers and panchayat bodies. Since the TMC is unable to write us off in that area, now BJP president Amit Shah is visiting the place and trying to
dislodge the Left. First the sub-contractor tried and when that did not cut ice, the contractor is now personally present. The TMC-BJP combine is trying to eliminate the Left Front politically," CPI(M) Politburo member Md Salim alleged.
While he alleged that Mamata Banerjee was making false claims of Left Front members joining the BJP, he blamed the TMC for the rise of the RSS in Bengal.  "Think how the strength of the RSS is growing in West Bengal. Aren't the RSS camps being allowed in schools under TMC supervision? When the TMC came to power, nearly 50 per cent the BJP members joined that party. We have been reiterating this fact for the past several years, '' Salim said.