Lutyens’ Maverick by “JAY” Panda launched

11 Jan 2019

At the book launch of Lutyens’ Maverick: Ground realities, Hard choices and Tomorrow’s India by Baijayant “JAY” Panda organized by the Indian Chamber of Commerce in Kolkata today. Mr Panda, Eminent Litterateur stated that in his 18 years in Parliament he had tried to keep a foot in Delhi and resolutely another foot back in his constituency, State and country. According to him, there tend to be two worlds that don’t understand each other and don’t always talk in the same language. He felt that it is crucial for all whether they are in media, politics or are from any other walk of life to bridge the gap which is what he have tried to convey through his book.
Speaking about the book Mr. Panda stated that the book deals with what needs to be done to bring a systematic change in India and Odisha as well. He expressed that the book is a thought provoking one as he has tried to present the issues of the country before the youths.
Rudra Chatterjee, President, Indian Chamber of Commerce welcomed the speakers present and while introducing the core of the book he stated that it raises some of the reforms that are important for the country at present.  The discussions at the book launch session revolved around issues related to democracy, reforms, economy, foreign policy, social issues, law & Justice etc.
The formal Vote of Thanks was offered by Dr. Rajeev Singh, Director General, Indian Chamber of Commerce. (EOIC)