Mamata calls Bengal Cong leaders pygmies

2 Feb 2018

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee today called the state's Congress leaders "pygmies" and reminded them that without the Trinamool Congress, the party cannot function in Delhi.

Mamata also slammed the Congress for hobnobbing with the CPM to oppose her government. "The Congress and the CPM are one. They are made for each other. It is nothing new. I know how it had extended support to CPM," she said in the Assembly while relying to a debate on the motion of thanks to the Governor's address to the house. "Without us Congress cannot function in Delhi. Let the state Congress leaders ask their party leaders in Delhi," she said.

Coming down heavily on state Opposition leaders, she accused them of "always scheming and plotting" against the state government but being scared to face her or listen to her government's response to their allegations. "I have always seen that they are always busy scheming, conspiring against, or foul mouthing, the Trinamool Congress and spreading confusion inside the house (state assembly). But they are not reasonable enough to listen to our answers. Because they cannot face me," Mamata told the Assembly.

"They are scared of listening to the government's answers. I want you to check how many times were they (Opposition MLAs) present in the house during my speeches. May be just one or two times. It is totally planned," she said. "The Congress leaders here are pygmies," Mamata said adding that Sonia Gandhi had congratulated her on Thursday after her party's victory in the by-polls in West Bengal.

"I have to manage with limited funds. The Centre can print notes. But we have no such option. We are facing the legacy of the CPM, which had pushed the state into shouldering a huge debt burden," she said. The erstwhile CPM-led Left Front government never focussed on the development of the state, Mamata claimed, adding the opposition should engage in constructive criticism, which is welcome.

"They (opposition) are busy appearing in TV shows and spreading canards. They are trying to make the TMC responsible for everything, even for one's domestic problems. There is no point in playing politics this way," she said. The chief minister said debts had not accumulated during TMC rule and 45 per cent of the loan taken by the her government is used for the development projects.

"I too congratulated her (for Congress' victory in the Rajasthan by-poll). Congress members staged walkout in the state assembly along with the CPI-M when the chief minister rose to speak.