Mamata talks tough on dengue, says would not hesitate to dismiss civic bodies failing in efforts

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30 Oct 2017

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee today said that she would not hesitate to dismiss those civic bodies who would be failing in their efforts to check the spread of dengue, the scourge that has so far claimed 40 lives in the state.

“I have asked the civic bodies to be alert. If I find any municipality or corporation not putting in enough effort even after receiving funds from the state government, we shall take action...if needed we will dismiss that board,” she said at media  conference at Nabanna, the stat secretariat. Mamata, who is also the health minister, claimed that only 13 people have died in state-run hospitals in West Bengal. “It's because of climate change that Dengue has become a serious menace..In private hospitals and nursing homes, 27 people have died allegedly of dengue. We are probing those figures,” she said. She also said that so far 40 people have died in the state because of vector-borne diseases

The chief minister also accused a section of the media for carrying wrong information supplied by some private healthcare units without verification. “We have already cancelled the licence of three pathological labs for wrong reports. There are vested interests of those who are against our setting up of the health commission,” she said. the chief minister also said Dengue death figures in other states are higher than that in West Bengal.  “Gujarat is a smaller state than Bengal but as many as 435 people have lost their lives there. The figure is 695 for Maharastra, 230 for Rajasthan, 165 for UP, 141 for Madhya Pradesh, 80 for Assam, 83 for Odisha. Even Kerala that is a very small state compared to Bengal has witnessed 111 deaths,” Mamata said.

The chief minister also criticised the Opposition parties in West Bengal for indulging in “petty politicking” over the issue. “When I was in the opposition, we used to hold camps for awareness against malignant malaria”,  she stated.