Metro Rly gets new AC rake

18 Jul 2017

A New AC rake with state of art features arrived today at Noapara Car Shed from Integral Coach Factory, Perambur.  The Metro users can now enjoy a more comfortable ride in this new rake. The new rake has wider vestibules for better air circulation in all coaches, AC ducting along the seat for uniform cooling.
There is a roof mounted package unit (RMPU) along the side of the coaches so that there is no water leakage from the roof of the train. Primary and Secondary suspension with rubber springs to ensure jerk free comfortable ride, is another important feature of the new rake.
Besides, there are communication based train controlling system where the motorman will control all the train operations from his cabin, seats made of FRP sheets (Fire retardant polymer sheets) which are fire proof) and regenerative braking system in which the energy generated during braking will be directly fed into the third rail. At present, the heat is expelled into the tunnel making it hot.
There will be 8 LCD Passenger Communication Display Panels in each coach and there will be four emergency talkback systems in each coach where a passenger can talk to the motorman by pressing a button in case of an emergency. Presently, there are two in each coach.