Modi will enact law to build Ram temple: VHP

Karseva will begin next year, says Surendra Jain
Report by: 
Sabyasachi Bandopadhyay
11 Apr 2017

On a day when the All India Muslim Personal Law Board offered peace talks to settle Ram Janmabhumi issue, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) claimed that it would be through a legislation in Parliament that Ram temple in Ayodhya would be a reality.
The claim was today made by VHP International joint secretary Suredra Jain during his speech at a rally at Rani Rashmoni Road.  “We have at enough of talks and court battles. Now we have governments at New Delhi and Lucknow who are firmly committed to the construction of Ram temple at Ayodhya.  We are confident that Modi would bring in a legislation in Parliament very soon for setting up of Ram temple at Ayodhya. In case of Somnath temple also it was through a legislation that the temple was set up”, Jain said on Tuesday while addressing a gathering of VHP activists at Rani Rashmoni Road in Kolkata .

Hundreds of members of Bajrang Dal and VHP thronged the rally who raised slogans of Jai Shriram and Bharat Mata ki Jai during the addresses. Jain also claimed that “Kar Seva” for the new temple would begin next year. Jain also made it clear the Sangh Parivar's game plan of toppling the Mamata Banerjee government and bringing in a saffron one by mobilising Hindu votes when he cited examples of atrocities on Hindus  allegedly committed by Muslim fundamentalists. In this context, Jain referred to today's lathicharge on Veer Hanuman Jayanty rally at Suri and warned Mamata that she would have to pay a heavy price for unleashing terror on Hindus who have participated in peaceful religious activities.

Incidentally police today lathicharged on a rally that was taken out to celebrate Hanuman Jayanti at Suri in Birbhum. Two police officers were injured when a scuffle ensued between the rallyists and security men who lathicharged them as police claimed that it was taken without police permission. Referring to the rally in Suri, Jain slammed the state government and said: “ You can use force against peaceful rallies who were indulging in peaceful religious activities , but I ask you dear Didi where was your lathi, when the police station at Kaliachak at Malda was burnt by Muslim fundamentalists? Where was your lathi when Durga Puja immersion  was stopped ? Where was your lathi when Saraswati Puja was stopped in a school at Nadia . The Hindus of the state want an answer and if you cannot satisfy them with a logical answer you will have to move out of power.”

Jain also exhorted the people of Bengal to take the lead in the construction of Ram temple. “The era of saffron has set in and Bengal will have to take the lead as it has done during the freedom movement in which the British Raj was removed.” Jishnu Bose general scereatary of RSS West Bengal who also delivered his speech  said “ We want a white paper on all those atrocities on Hindus allegedly committed by Islamic fundamentalists.”
However the TMC slammed the VHP by saying they were trying to create a divide in society on religious lines. ``The government will not tolerate those who will trigger religious tension in the state,'' Firhad Hakim, state minister for urban development, said.