Mohit Bajaj leads the corrugated box industry

6 Jun 2017

The corrugated box industry today is in turmoil with over-capacity coming in, end user industries not growing much in West Bengal. Paper prices going to unreasonable heights and box manufacturers sandwiched between the paper mills & the customers is the crux of the turmoil. However, as Mohit believes that these tough times in fact make you stronger & efficient wherein you focus on your shortcomings & become more competent and thus have an edge over your competitors.
Mohit has played an active role in various business associations like EICMA & ICCMA for the betterment of this Industry. He has also been a very active participant in various Seminars & Conferences held across India & China. He is also an esteemed Member of BNI (Business Networking International) and has been one of the top business generators for his chapter “DREAMZ” for the past 1 year. (EOIC)