More emphasis on metro rake maintenance

8 Jun 2018

Metro Railway is taking special remedial action for failures which have occurred recently.  As directed by Ajay Vijayvargiya, general manager, Metro Railway, a thorough inspection is being carried out at Noapara Carshed on all aspects of maintenance which have recently led to disruption of metro services. 
Passengers have complained of less cooling in AC coaches and in order to rectify it, thorough monitoring of Roof Mounted   Power Units (RMPU) regarding air velocity and coach temperature is being ensured.  Choking tendency of filters is also being monitored and the filters are being cleaned more frequently.
Regarding non-opening of coach doors, the switches are being meticulously checked so that they don’t lead to malfunctioning of coach doors. In case of detention of rakes due to the automatic application of parking brakes, the technical aspects are being rectified so that there is no recurrence. Apart from the above, thorough checking is being done to rule out all such factors which cause disruption. (EOIC)