Mukul parts ways with TMC

Fires salvo at Mamata for treating party leaders as servants, does not make his future actions clear Partha calls former leader 'a traitor', terms his charges 'baseless'
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11 Oct 2017

The  spat between suspended Trinamool Congress leader Mukul Roy and his party reached a crescendo today when Roy, who quit as MP from Rajya Sabha today fired fierce salvo against TMC saying party chief Mamata Banerjee was running the party like a dictator and all leaders were like just servants. 

Roy also alleged that in 2003 on the instructions of TMC chief Mamata Banerjee he got in touch with RSS and VHP leaders like Ashok Singhal and even arranged a meeting between Mamata and Singhal. The Trinamool Congress hit back with full gusto with party secretary general and state minister for education Partha Chatterjee, while referring to Roy as `Kanchraparar Kanchra' (garbage from Kanchpara, Roy's home town) saying that what Roy was saying was all bogus and that his quitting the party was a good riddance. Today Roy met Rajya Sabha chairman Venkaiah Naidu and tendered his resignation as member from the upper house of Parliament. The rebel leader, who till a year ago was the No 2 in the party did not spell out whether he was joining BJP or would carry on as a politician as the head of another political party.

``I will be now on leave and will announce my next course of action after Diwali,'' Roy said while addressing a media conference. ``Trinamool Congress is run by a dictator and all other leaders are like servants. Such parties make wrong decisions some times. And another evil plaguing the party is that it is also affected by a dynastic rule,'' Roy alleged.
"I feel in a party everybody is a comrade and not a servant. And this kind of behaviour is common in every one-man political outfit. One-man politics is bad for every political party in the country," the 63-year-old leader told reporters, adding he was leaving the TMC, the party he formed with others, with a heavy heart and much pain. It was clear Mukul's target was Mamata's nephew and party MP Abhisek Banerjee who, according to political circles was the heir apparent of the chief minister and a threat to Roy, the No 2 in the party.

Chatterjee, who addressed a media conference at Trinamool Congress Bhavan to reply to Roy's allegations, had to face several questions on dynastic rule and in he fact batted for it.  “ Dynastic politics is prevalent in India and USA, there is nothing wrong with it. Why, his son is an MLA  of TMC.,'' Chatterjee said. Regarding Roy’s statement that the party was being run by a dictator called Mamata Banerjee Chatterjee said they were all workers of TMC and Mamata Banerjee was their sole leader. ``Roy became a union minister all thanks to Mamata Banerjee and she is our only leader. Roy was like a zaminder in the party. We believe that in every regional party there is one face who represents the party and in TMC it is Mamata Banerjee who represents the face of the party,'' Chatterjee said. Chatterjee also said that Roy was trying to get into BJP just to save his skin from the CBI. ``The day CBI went after him he thought that he had to switch to BJP to save himself. We have not seen such a traitor before,'' Chatterjee said. Roy, who was suspended for six years for "anti-party activities" by TMC following his announcement on September 25 that he would resign after Durga Puja, also said that he had never considered the BJP a "communal party".

Roy who claimed that he had his loyalists at all the 77,000 booths of the state also asked why TMC was not merging itself with the Congress. ``In 2006 TMC had an alliance with the Congress. Even now they are with Congress. TMC was born to fight Congress. But If TMC cannot do with Congress why does it not merge with that party,'' Roy asked. Cracks had begun to surface in the relationship between Roy and TMC supremo Banerjee with the rise of her nephew Abhishek Banerjee as the next generation leader of the party. The fissures widened in 2015 when Roy's name came up in the Saradha chit scam and he was removed as general secretary. However today Roy gave a clean chit to Mamata saying he believed Mamata had no idea about the scams. ``It is not possible for a leader to know everything that others are doing in the party,'' Roy said.
The party suspended Roy last month accusing him of hobnobbing with the BJP.

Roy criticised the TMC's stand of opposing the BJP saying that Banerjee's party was part of the NDA earlier. He admitted that he was "close" to leaders of the RSS and the BJP.
Referring to Banerjee's tenure as a minister in Atal Bihari Vajpayee government, Roy said that the TMC cannot use the word "communal" against the BJP to suit its political requirements. "When the TMC was an ally of NDA Vajpayee was moderate but Advani was hardliner. Modi is good but Amit Shah is communal. These double standards can't carry on," Roy said. Roy was removed as the TMC vice president after the party decided to revamp its structure.
He was also stripped of the charge of Tripura where the TMC was steadily making inroads till its members switched over to the BJP earlier this year. Roy was known for his organisational capability, loyalty to Banerjee and backroom manoeuvring skills until he fell out with her. He held the rail portfolio and was the minister of state for shipping at the Centre.

The state BJP said that if Roy joined any other political party, that party would benefit as he was  a very senior political leader. Dilip Ghosh, state BJP president said “ We support Roy’s statement that Mamata went into an alliance with BJP as well as Congress in previous years to strengthen her party and  Roy himself being a part of the party, knew all the details. Till now Roy has not not divulged what his next move was and we will wait,'' Ghosh said.