No major outage following Monday’s rains

CESC restores all faults
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10 Oct 2017

To effectively meet the challenge of Monday’s heavy rains accompanied by swirling winds blowing at 50-60 km per hour, CESC set up a special Cell on Monday.
Avijit Ghosh, Vice President, CESC Distribution Services said in Kolkata on Tuesday morning that some of the areas marginally affected were Bally, Serampore, Parnasree and Haridevpur, largely due to falling of tree branches on overhead lines. CESC response to repair calls began immediately and working throughout the night most of the faults have been restored.  According to Avijit Ghosh, “There has been no major outages and all the Municipal drainage pumping stations worked smoothly according to plans.”
CESC’s own Disaster Management System was in place and worked day and night in close co-ordination with all allied agencies like KMC, HMC, other Municipalities and Police.
Following the heavy rains, there was a noticeable fall in maximum demand, which came down to 1416 MW around 6 pm Monday.  This is around 300 MW below the average demand.
While more than 6000 CESC employees are on alert, the special CESC Disaster Management Cell will be keeping a watch till normalcy returns.
Following the rains, there was a rise in repair calls, CESC 1912 having handled all calls on priority basis by deploying additional manpower round-the-clock.