Non-interlocking work at Katwa station of ER

26 Dec 2017

In connection with Katwa – Balgona and Katwa – Ahmedpur gauge conversion work, non-interlocking work will continue at Katwa station from December 28 to December 30. Consequently, following re-arrangement in train running will be made from 28 December to 30 December.

i)            4 pairs of Bandel – Katwa EMU locals viz. 37745 Up/37744 Dn, 37747 Up/37746 Dn, 37753 Up/37752 Dn, 37755 Up/37756 Dn will remain cancelled.
ii)          73031/73032 Katwa – Azimganj DEMU passenger will remain cancelled.

iii)        53009 Up/53012 Dn Katwa  - Azimganj passenger will remain cancelled.

i)            31111 Up Sealdah – Katwa local will short-terminate at Dainhat and 31112 Dn will originate from there.

ii)          73036 Dn Nimtita – Katwa Passenger will short-terminate at Azimganj and 73035 Up will originate from there.

iii)        53008 Dn Azimganj – Katwa passenger will short-terminate at Chowrigachha and 53013 Up will originate from there.


i)             37920 Dn Katwa-Howrah local will leave Katwa at 8.15 pm instead of 7.45 pm.

ii)           37928 Dn Katwa-Howrah local will leave Katwa at 7.50 pm instead of 7.20 pm

iii)          53016 Dn Azimganj-Katwa Passenger local will leave Azimganj at 1.50 pm hrs instead of 1.05 pm (EOIC)