Now Assembly to offer fitness session with a swanky gym

Report by: 
Sabyasachi Bandopadhyay
24 May 2017

Just five days back on the day the current session of the West Bengal Assembly started she went up to Leader of the Opposition Abdul Mannan who recently had to go in for a heart surgery and advised him to take care of food and take regular exercise. Herself a fitness freak, she follows a strict diet regime and goes for regular walks either on a treadmill at home or at some ground near her office.

Now chief minister Mamata Banerjee has turned to the legislators of the state and and got a gym ready for their use inside the Assembly. The swanky, state of the art gym that has been opened today at Room no 47 inside the Assembly will also remain open even when the Assembly is not in session. Though it has not been specified whether it was meant only for male legislators, the Assembly secretariat said if the demand arises a separate gym will be made for female legislators. ``Thanks to the blessings of the chief minister the initiative has been taken, which will enable our legislators to go for regular exercises. If it is needed we will have a separate gym for women legislators too'', Nirmal Ghosh, Government chief whip, told Echo of India.

Echoed Sobhandeb Chattopadhyay, minister for power:     "The chief minister is concerned about the health of the legislators and that's why she has asked the Assembly secretariat to open the gym for the MLAs". This is the first time that such an initiative has been taken by a state government to help legislators maintain fitness. It may be mentioned here that whenever Mamata comes to Assembly she takes an evening stroll around the House and it really becomes a spectacle with the chief minister walking fast and party MLAs, Assembly staff members  police officials and even journalists coming in tow, panting.

Sometimes ministers like Partha Chatterjee or Sovan Chatterjee who have huge paunches find it difficult to keep pace with the fast moving chief minister during her walk. However Opposition MLAs, while welcoming the move expressed skepticism over its success. ``It's a good move but I cannot understand how it can be successful. Will the MLAs come to the Assembly for workouts when the Assembly session is on", Manoj Chakravarty, Congress MLA from Baharampur, told The Echo of India.