NRC is internal matter of India, says Bangladesh

27 Jul 2018

Bangladesh has described the publication of draft National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam as an "internal matter" of India and said it would not interfere.
The second and final draft of the NRC is scheduled to be published on July 30, a date set by the Supreme Court.
"The issue has not been raised at the official level by the Government of India with the Bangladesh government at any stage," High Commissioner of Bangladesh Syed Muazzem Ali has said.
"So, as of now this is an internal matter and I have seen conflicting positions of different Indian states on this particular issue and I will not interfere in an internal matter."
According to the high commissioner the issue can only become "bilateral" only after the Indian government takes it up with the Bangladesh government.
Ali had been asked whether his country had made any decision in the backdrop of the expected publication of the draft NRC on July 30, leading to a possibility of people moving across the border to their territory.
"As of now I do not want to get into the details. We all have gone through the newspapers and we all know the origin of this crisis. My only request to everybody is let sanity prevail," has been his reply. PTI