Nutrilite launches “Protein 4 Children” campaign

23 Sep 2018

Amway India has launched a ‘Protein 4 Children’ campaign. As per a recent study published in the Indian Medical Gazette, protein deficiency is a major concern in India with more than 80% Indian diets being deficient in protein. The company has stepped up its efforts to propagate the benefits of protein to the parents by rolling out a comprehensive campaign ‘Protein 4 Children’. As a part of the campaign, Amway is launching a series of initiatives to support and educate Amway direct sellers as well as preferred customers across the country on the need of protein supplementation amongst children. The company has also launched a Protein Calculator app that helps in assessing approximate protein intake, making it easier to identify the gaps, if any.
Sundip Shah, Chief Marketing Officer, Amway India, said, “The campaign is based on the findings presented by Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care2 that around 50% children in India are protein deficient and targeted at mothers who bear the prime responsibility of nutrition and health of children in our country. With this campaign we aim to reinforce the importance of protein for children in their growth years.”
Ajay Khanna, Category Head – Nutrition & Wellness, Amway India, said, “The formative years are critical for a child’s overall development because this is the period when the linear growth happens most rapidly. Hence, they require a jumpstart to their overall development. The appropriate protein intake is crucial for organ function, muscle repair, and a healthy immune system. We foresee Amway’s Nutrilite All Plant Protein Powder playing a major role in fulfilling protein gaps. Protein supplementation is a key solution for mothers to lay a strong growth foundation for their child’s future.” (EOIC)