'Parapar' retains the sensibility of 'Memories in March' maker

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12 Jan 2014

Tracing the mark of Rituparno Ghosh in the detailing of director Sanjay Nag ?s Parapar, based on sports fiction writer Moti Nandi?s novel, critically acclaimed actor Rituparna Sengupta says like his mentor, Sanjay has given a very different, unique space to the two women protagonists in the movie.

?Apart from tracing the journey of a jail convict in the span of over a decade, Parapar shows the emotional turmoil of the two principal women characters,? Rituparna told PTI on the film?s sets here.

?In Parapar, me and Paoli Dam are not sharing frame excepting one or two montage shots, but there is an understated, very special and unique bonding between us two in the movie, the kind of emotional connect two women have - both united by their common fate and turn of events,? she said.

Affirming the mark of Rituparno Ghosh will offcourse be manifest in Parapar of Sanjay, ?One of the directors with sober and refined tastes and sensibilities and wonderful sense of details?, Rituparna said, ?Rituda's influences, his legacy will offcourse be there as we all (the cast and director) carry on his memory every single day.?

Goutam Ghosh?s 'Kalbela' debutant actor Paoli, having essayed several critically acclaimed roles including Moner Manush ever since, said ?From my experience of working with Rituda in ?Sab Chotirtro Kalponik?, I could sense Sanjay is another director having his own individual style and sensibilities but very comfortable to work with scripting a story tugging the heart of a woman.?

?And having seen and wowed by ?Memories in March?, I had wished to be part of his future project but portraying two different phases in a character?s mindscape, indicating a gap of 15 years is a never before role for me? the ?Elar Char Adhyay? lead actor said.

Coming to Ahmed Rubel, the eminent Bangladeshi theatre actor having etched out the role of the jailed convict in Parapar, the 'Paromitar Ek Din' actor said, "He has unbelievably portrayed the pain and angst of a prisoner following his release from jail."

"He is an actor having such a huge profile in Bangladesh theatre. This was my first stint with him and his voice modulation, intellectualism and baritone voice......an amazing co-actor," Rituparna said.

"Rituda had known I had been dreaming to record on celluloid Moti Nandi?s 'Puber Janala' and he knew how the story evolved in my script. He had given inputs and I am now filming Parapar the way I envisaged. Definitely my film craft had been influenced by him," Sanjay, who had turned up as Rabindranath Tagore spanning one phase of the Bard's life in Jibonsmriti, said.

The flick, Produced by Purti Films, also stars minister-playwright-actor Bratya Basu.

"The story line necessitates such an ensemble cast of strong-willed, powerful actors," Sanjoy, who had cast Rituparno Ghosh as a gay ad film maker in Deepti Naval-starrer Memories in March, said. (PTI)