Power minister steps in to solve low voltage problems

16 Feb 2017

Since 2011, power sector has witnessed incredible growth. For example in 2011 the number of consumers of WBSEDCL was 85 lakh but at present the number has sky rocketted to 170 lakh. This was today revealed in a press statement by minister for power Shovondev Chattopadhyay. ``This is true even if we consider extension of electric network to remotest corners of our state. In the past 6 years WBSEDCI. has drawn 3944 Ckm of 33KV line; 78,339 Ckm of 11KV line and 2,23,855 Ckm of LT line. One hundred twenty three numbers 33/11 KV Sub-station and 94,040 DTRs have been added to the network,'' the statement said.
Even after doing this arduous task, some pockets of low voltage still remain in the system, although this has been mitigated compared to the status in 2011.
To iron out this problem, the minister today presided over a video conference with all District Magistrates. Principal Secretary, Power, CMD, WBSEDCL; CMD, WBPDCL and other senior officers of the department.
The minister advised the District Magistrates to take a micro view of low voltage problems and extend their support for building up additional infrastructure. To mitigate this low voltage problem 25 EHV sub-stations and 175 distribution sub-stations will be constructed in the next 2 years, according to the statement. (EOIC)