Presidency University students agitate over closure of Eden Hindu Hostel

19 Jan 2018

Presidency University students staged a protest today against the alleged delay in completion of the renovation of heritage Eden Hindu Hostel when the Chancellor, Governor K N Tripathi was present at the campus for the inaugural of the Presidency Museum.
Members of Students Federation of India, Independents Consolidation (an independent students body) and Democratic Students Organisation held sit-ins before the main building of the University in College Street.
Among others who were present at the university during the demonstration were its Vice-chancellor Anuradha Lohia and Presidency Mentor Group 'Chair' Sugata Bose.
They were there to attend the inauguration of the Presidency Museum set up to mark the completion of the 200th year of the institution. The Eden Hindu Hostel had been closed in July 2015.
Shouting slogans like 'Hindu Hostel debona' (won't give away Hindu Hostel) and 'Halla Bol' the students waved placards but did not stop the governor's convoy when it entered or exited the campus.
"In the name of renovation we won't allow the Presidency management to destroy the heritage of the 200-year old institution. We won't allow them to shut down Eden Hindu Hostel. Apart from being a part of Presidency's heritage the hostel is very conveniently located for students from the districts," Students Union president Suvabrata Ganguly said.
"We have to travel from the hostel in New Town to College Street, which takes time. It is also expensive for the students as there are very few direct bus routes to the campus," a hostel inmate Md Anisur Haque said.
Education minister Partha Chatterjee had earlier said that the state government had taken up the issue of delay in completing the renovation of Eden Hindu Hostel with the Presidency University authorities.
A senior university official said, "The Eden Hindu Hostel will be opened for use by students once the renovation is completed. We will talk with the students."  The Governor did not comment on the students' agitation while speaking to reporters. (PTI)