Regulation of train services in Adra divn

19 Jan 2018

Due to six hours of Traffic-cum-Power Block on both Up and Dn line between Barabhum & Urma stations and between Nimdih & Chandil Stations in Chandil-Adra Section of Adra Division from 10:20 hrs to 16:20 hrs on 21.01.2018 (Sunday) for launching of two Limited Height Subways, the following trains will be regulated as under:
Short Termination/Short Origination of Train:
*68056 Tatanagar-Asansol MEMU Passenger will be short terminated at Chandil and will short originate as 68055 from Chandil. Similarly 68055  Asansol-Tatanagar MEMU Passenger will be short terminated at Urma and will short originate as 68056 from Urma. Therefore, services of this pair of train will remain cancelled between Urma-Chandil-Urma on 21.01.18.
Rescheduling of Train:
*13302 Tatanagar-Dhanbad Subarnarekha Express will be rescheduled to leave Tatanagar at 15.00 hrs instead of 13.20 hrs on 21.01.18.
Diversion of Train:
*58661 Tatanagar-Hatia Passenger leaving Tatanagar on 21.01.18 will be diverted to run via Chandil-Muri instead of Chandil-Purulia-Kotshila-Muri.
Regulation of Train:
*18184 Danapur-Tatanagar Express leaving Danapur on 21.01.18 will be controlled for 45 minutes between Asansol and Urma . (EOIC)