RJP celebrates 9th foundation day

1 Aug 2017

Rashtriya Janasachetan Party (RJP) celebrated its 9th foundation day today by hoisting its flag in various places. The flag was also joisted at the central office in Sonarpur. On the same day, the previous committee’s term ended and in a meeting of the Central Committee the same for the next three years from 2017 to 2020 was also elected. Badal Debnath was re-elected as the All-India president of the party, while Ajoy Roy was elected as state president.
In the Central Committee, Roy would remain as general secretary. Uttam Kumar Dutta, Krishnakant Singh and joint secretary Amit Sengupta, Pranab Saha among 57 others of the committee were elected. In West Bengal, Gopal Naskar and Probondha Mandal were elected as general secretaries with a committee of 47 members. Debnath informed that as All–India Yuva president Tarun Mukherjee, All-India Minority president Mahbud Ali, women’s wing chief Sanghamitra Mukherjee, tribal affairs chief Binod Hari, farmers wing’s president Yogendra Prasad, students wing’s chief Sanjib Chattopadhyaya and cultural wing’s chief, Alok Basu were elected.
Mr Debnath said lakhs of people were affected by the man made floods in Bengal, several people have lost their lives but the Central government is not doing anything. We, from the RJP are protesting against this inaction. (EOIC)