Rly doctor gives natal care to baby girl, mother

3 May 2018

Reema Devi (24 years) was travelling in the ladies compartment of 15050 Dn Gorakhpur-Kolkata Express (Ticket No. 80634939). When the train crossed Madhupur and was approaching Asansol station, the passenger suddenly felt labour pain and gave birth to a living baby girl. Her husband immediately contacted the Travelling Ticket Examiner (TTE), who informed the incident to the station control, Asansol accordingly. When the train reached Asansol at 1.35 pm on the next day Dr. Abhijit Modak, medical officer, Asansol Railway Hospital, Eastern Railway attended Reema Devi and rendered necessary medical treatment de-boarding her at Asansol station. An ambulance was called by the Asansol station authorities and Reema Devi along with her baby was shifted to Sub-Divisional Hospital, Asansol for medical care. (EOIC)