RPF of ER conducts massive raid against unauthorised travel agencies

8 Jun 2018

Railway Protection Force (RPF), Eastern Railway’s Howrah Division in coordination with IRCTC conducted a pre-planned concerted massive raid against 10 unauthorized travel agencies at different locations on 6.6.2018. After ascertaining the veracity of these travel agencies, simultaneous raids were conducted by ten teams at the same time at 10 different locations. During such intensive raid, 9 persons were arrested and several persons were anticipated to be absconded. The approximate value of the seized tickets was Rs.1,90,76,494/- (Rupees one crore, ninety lakhs, seventy-six thousand four hundred and ninety-four).
It is presumed that fake user IDs were generated for these current reservation tickets where 1 person had multiple user IDs. These user IDs were handed over to IRCTC for enquiry to find out how much transactions were done from these user IDs. (EOIC)