RSS distances itself from Dilip's remark on Amartya

Today State BJP chief questioned Nobel Laureate's contribution to society
Report by: 
Sabyasachi Bandopadhyay
13 Feb 2017

The RSS today dissociated itself from the derogatory remarks of BJP state president Dilip Ghosh against Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen by calling it absolutely `undesirable' and `uncalled for'. The oprganisation of which Ghosh was a pracharak before he was anointed state BJP chief even called indirectly the party chief's educational background in question.
On February 11, the BJP leader had launched a severe attack against the Nobel laureate saying, "A fellow Bengali among us has won the Nobel Prize and we are proud...But, what has he done for the state? What has he given to the nation? No one in Bengal understands that, I wonder whether he himself knows this....he is very sad that he has been removed from Nalanda university management..such people can be purchased or sold at any time "
The RSS today said they had the tradition of respecting the opinion of others. ``The comments of Ghosh are absolutely his own and we do not endorse it. It was not desirable at all.  We have the tradition of respecting other's opinion and sentiments. When EMS Namboodiripad (former Kerala chief minister, the first communist chief minister of an Indian  state) died we carried condolence motion in our meeting. We believe the stand and opinion of an academic should  be dealt with academically. There should not be anything personal. And also if you want to criticise an academic or a scholar you should have that kind of expertise or intellectual capability,'' Jishnu Basu, RSS spokesman based in Kolkata told Echo of India.
The comments of Ghosh triggered widespread opprobrium with leading intellectuals including actors like Saumitra Chatterjee slamming Ghosh for such disparaging remarks.
However Ghosh today said he stood by his comments and  lashed out at a "section of intellectuals" in the state who, he alleged, were serving their own interests rather than that of the society."I stick to whatever I have said. I have no regrets. What is his (Sen's) contribution towards the Indian society and economy? What has he done for the development of our country," Ghosh told reporters at the assembly premises.

Criticising intellectuals further, Ghosh said, "They are only interested in serving their own interests, they are not interested in serving the nation. They stay mum when educational institutes are vandalised by TMC goons and teachers beaten up. But, their conscience is aroused all of a sudden when something comes up involving the BJP."

Trinamool Congress spokesperson Manas Bhuina today also criticised Ghosh for his remarks on Sen. ``It is of absolute bad taste. It should not even be discussed,'' Bhuina said in the assembly.
Meanwhile, the CPI(M) and the Congress Legislature Party said they wanted an all-party resolution to be brought in the Assembly condemning the "derogatory remarks" made by Ghosh against Sen.