RSS to publish selected works of Kazi Nazrul Islam

27 May 2017

In a bid to highlight the works of those iconic Muslims who, according to them, championed the cause of Indianness, the RSS is going to publish selected poems and songs of poet Kazi Nazrul Islam in Hindi across the country.
The translation will be done by eminent Hindi poets and will be published by the end of October, according to Jishnu Basu, RSS spokesman who said the outfit had taken up the project to raise awareness in the country about the works and secular values of the poet. Incidentally this is being done to commemorate the 118th birth anniversary of the poet. 
“We regard Kazi Nazrul as a Hindu poet in the sense that he was a true Indian. For us Hinduvta is all about Indianness and it has got nothing to do with Hinduism. Through his works he has proved that one can be respectful towards Indian ethos, regardless of his religious practice. We are translating his patriotic songs and poems to raise awareness about his works and secular values outside Bengal,” RSS spokesperson Jishnu Basu told Echo of India.
Nazrul's birthday was observed all over the state by many RSS sakhas on Friday. According to RSS, the works of Kazi Nazrul, are still relevant today both for their literary and secular value.``Nazrul was a truly Indian poet, lyricist and music composer. His Shyamasangeets (songs eulogising Goddess Kali), his poems that inspired freedom fighters, proved he was a true patriot. When he underwent for a hunger strike at Krishnanagar jail, Rabindranath sent a wire to him, requesting him to end his fast as he said, `India needed you'. We will tell the whole of India what Nazrul was,'' Basu further said. (EOIC)