SAIL to enhance iron ore production in Jharkhand mines

30 Oct 2017

Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) is going to enhance its iron ore production from the mines in Jharkhand. Along with expansion and modernisation of its mines in the state, and is working for development of remote villages of Jharkhand.
The company has showcased its activities in its pavilion at the Jharkhand Mining Show 2017 opened at the HEC Ground in Ranchi today. In response to the call of the Jharkhand government SAIL has joined hand in the development initiative of the state government. Chief Minister, Jharkhand, Raghubar Das, has inaugurated the SAIL pavilion at the exhibition. While visiting the stall, he showed interest in the activities and development of SAIL.
SAIL emphasises on sustainable mining. Apart from flux and coal mines, SAIL has major iron ore mines at Kiriburu, Mehgahatuburu, Gua and Chiria in Jharkhand. SAIL has planned to increase its hot metal production to 23 MT for which the iron ore requirement will be met from its captive mines spread over Jharkhand, Odisha and Chhattisgarh. The enhanced requirement of iron ore supply will be met from these mines, for which SAIL has embarked on expansion and modernisation of its mines. The expanded capacity of Jharkhand’s Kiriburu, Meghahatuburu, and Gua mines will be 5.50 MT, 6.50 MT and 10.0 MT. The Chiria mines will be developed in phases, 7 MT in first phase and 15 MT in second phase. Participation of SAIL in the Mining Show conveys significant message to be a partner in the progress of the Jharkhand.
Along with expansion of mines SAIL has been working on several CSR projects in remote villages of Saranda region. In last 6 years SAIL has spent over Rs. 36 cr  on various CSR projects exclusively in Jharkhand  mines area.  In mines area the company mainly focuses on identified areas like education, health and hygiene, medical facilities in villages, women empowerment, employability enhancement, infrastructure, sports and cultural development. In the exhibition SAIL has put up panels to display its wide range activities along with its products and plants. (EOIC)