SBI Card launches ‘ELA’

12 Jul 2018

SBI Card, one of the country`s leading credit card issuers, today announced the launch of ‘ELA’ (Electronic Live Assistant), a virtual assistant for customer support and services. Driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, ELA will revolutionise the way customers interact with the company.
ELA is equipped to engage in intelligent conversation on a wide range of queries. For instance, customers can explore products and services, learn how to generate account statement or make bill payments, block their cards, and check on reward point redemption process among other things. Through machine learning algorithm, the chatbot will continuously learn from customer interactions and become smarter thereby providing appropriate solution to each customer.  Transactional features will also be enabled on the chatbot in future so that customers can get responses to account specific queries and carry out transactions.
Hardayal Prasad, MD & CEO, SBI Card said, “ELA, is a big step forward in Making Life Simple for our customers, in line with our core value proposition. We are excited to leverage the potential of Artificial Intelligence in driving the next level of digital transformation and enhancing customer experience. With the introduction of ELA, our customers now have access to a powerful interactive channel for prompt query resolution, without the need to navigate through multiple pages of traditional digital channels. We have consistently adapted the latest, new age technologies to offer our customers a superior experience. We will continue to make technology investments especially in the exciting AI and robotics arena. Going forward, we plan to extend this AI platform to address employee queries and streamline the HR function as well.” (EOIC)