SER to install sliding booms at level crossing gates

19 May 2018

South Eastern Railway (SER) has planned to install sliding booms at all its level crossing gates with a view to preventing detention of trains. When a level crossing’s main boom gets damaged or broken due to any reason, in such a situation a sliding boom is used to stop the road traffic and ensure train movement.
SER has already installed 156 Sliding Booms at its Level Crossing Gates and in the first phase, 381 sliding booms will be installed in Level Crossings especially where frequent damage of boom occurs due to rash driving.
When a level crossing boom is hit by a vehicle it becomes non functional as interlocking and signaling system gets affected causing detention of both rail and road traffic. Sliding Booms are used in such a situation to overcome the problem and keep the level crossing gate functional with all safety measures. This helps to prevent undue detention of trains till the repairing of the main gate boom is completed. Installation of sliding booms at level crossing gates will not only help to maintain punctuality in train service but also is a major step to ensure safety of both rail and road users. (EOIC)