SER makes catering service optional in 4 Express Trains

31 Jul 2017

The South Eastern railway has decided to make catering services optional in four Express Trains from Tuesday, August 1. The trains are 12262/12261 Howrah-Mumbai Duronto Express, 12222/12221 Howrah-Pune Duronto Express, 12245/12246 Howrah-Yesvantpur Duronto Express and 12847/12848 Howrah-Digha Super AC Express.
The scheme will be implemented for an initial period of six                    months subject to mid-term review after three months. Passengers will be required to mandatorily exercise either of the options at the time of the booking of ticket so as to enable them to be aware of this scheme.  Accordingly, catering service will be excluded or included after the mandatory option is exercised by the passengers.
The catering charges shall be included in the ticket fare only in case passengers opt for catering services and excluded in case passengers do not require catering services. Passengers will not be allowed to change their options at any point of time once they exercise option at the time of booking.  No partial catering service shall be provided to passengers under this scheme, thus the option shall include/exclude complete catering service between pairs of stations. Optional catering services on the above mentioned trains will be provided to passengers booking tickets from August 1 onwards for the journeys to commence on August 1 and onwards.